Join the Zoo Crew!

Hi, my name is Lisa Hardin and I'm an Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.  What does that mean, exactly?

At its core, it means that I'm a smart shopper.  Papercrafting has been one of my passionate hobbies for over 25 years, and I love to continually learn with new techniques and new products.  It also means that I enjoy sharing what I love - in particular, Stampin' Up! products and cardmaking.  I find this to be a hobby that enriches the life of the creator and the recipient.  What's better than that?

Being a Demonstrator also enables me to teach and hopefully inspire others to enjoy, create, share.

So what would being an Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator mean to YOU?  The cool thing is that you can make it whatever you want it to be.  You may just want to be a discount shopper, and while you remain active you will have at least a 20% discount.  You might want to attend Demonstrator-only events, or you may want to make this your career and earn a living and an all-expense paid, annual incentive trip for 2.  YOU decide.  YOU make it happen.  Doesn't that sound fantastic?

You can start this TODAY by joining my team, The Zoo Crew.  My promise to all that join my team is this:  I will work to help you decide what is right for you, and I will help you to achieve it.  I will not push you into things you don't want you to do, neither will I limit you.  So with all that, let's get started, and you start this journey with FREE Product!  Cool, right?  Please read this information and know that you can always contact me for a NO Pressure conversation - 208.830.6328.  Thank you!  EVERYONE has a place on my team.

Your starter kit will include $125 of product of your choice for only $99 plus tax, free shipping. You will also receive free business supplies and a free Paper Pumpkin kit!

Signing up for the Starter Kit also allows you to earn special benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Being a part of a lively team of stampers, with virtual and in person meetings to keep you up-to-date on all things Stampin' Up!;
  • Access to all of my online classes, tutorials etc.  Customers pay to be a part of that, but you receive the online access (products/kits not included) as a gift from me;
  • Attending Stampin' Up! Demonstrator-Only events which are Incredible!;
  • A 20% percent (and the ability to increase that to 25%) discount on all of your orders;
  • Early access to new product releases and catalog items, allowing you to be one of the first to purchase new product;
  • Qualifying for cash bonus awards, incentive trips and more
If you like the sounds of all that (and be honest, you like it!)  Don't delay, order your Starter Kit today!  I'd love to have you on my team.

And now until the end of November 2021, the best deal just got BETTER!

$125 in product of your choice for $75 plus tax. FREE shipping. A FREE Paper Pumpkin kit. FREE business supplies. If you purchase this starter kit in November you can shop until the end of March 2022 with a 20% discount and no further commitment! You will have early access to products and promotions, be in the know of all things Stampin’ Up! And belong to a group of like-minded Paper crafters. The only question to ask is what are you waiting for?