Memorable Mosaic Trees-Think Outside of the Box!

#Simplestamping is actually not very simple for me.  I don't know why, maybe I get sidetracked by all of our beautiful Stampin' Up! embellishments and I just can't stop.  Not so with this tree stamp from the Memorable Mosaic Stamp Set (on sale to customers June 4th).  I believe it was made to be a weeping willow, but just for fun I started out by making a purple "willow" because I'm in love with all things Purple.  Then someone pointed out that it looks just like wisteria and you know, it does!

I kept thinking along those lines and realized that this could be ANY sort of weeping tree.  Besides being a SU! Demonstrator, one of my other passions is gardening.  I love to get out and about in the Spring and put my fingers in the dirt!  This stamp set seems to pair those two passions for me.  Aaah, SU! has done it again.  They have created something that makes me happy!  I cannot wait to use all of the stamps in this set.  It will also be sold bundled with a versatile new punch.

Can't wait until June 4th?  Then join my team!  Enjoy a shopping spree and select $125 worth of product for $99.  And YOU select which products you buy.  After that, you enjoy at least a 20% discount as long as you sell or buy $300 worth of product every three months.  That's it - that's your only obligations.  And oh - the benefits!!  If you want to know more please contact me by leaving a message here, or on my Facebook business page for The Stamping Zoo.
Thank you as always for visiting, and come back soon!

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